Recordings From Past Events

Past Events

The parish has an active community who have helped to organise and taken part in various village and media events and activities in the past.

Folk Night

Every fourth Wednesday was “Joe’s Session” Folk Night, at the Queen’s Head, Tebworth. This was an ongoing tribute in memory of local musician, Joe Inzani.

Folk Night (May 2015)

Folk Night (Jan 2017)

Old Time Music Hall

The parish has run a number of very successful Old Time Music Hall events. These feature a cast of local residents performing songs and sketches with audience participation very much encouraged.

Old Time Music Hall 2005

Old Time Music Hall 2006 (Christmas)

Old Time Music Hall 2012

Village Concerts

The ‘Village Concerts’ were held every year from 1972 up to around 1999. This is the first one we have on tape, which was a pantomime of Little Red Riding Hood (sort of !!)

Village Concert 1986

This is a seems like revival of the old style “Village Concerts”
Carry on Chalgrave Part1
Carry on Chalgrave Part2

Radio Broadcasts

In 1996, presenters John Pilgrim and Eddie Almond interviewed some villagers in and around the Queen’s Head for BBC Three Counties Radio.

Three Counties Radio at the Queens Head 1996

TV Appearances

Lyn Green is interviewed on Anglia TV news following her emergency resolution presentation at the Royal Albert Hall to the W.I. AGM in 1986.



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