Committees – Rights of Way

Rights of Way

Footpaths and Bridleways Committee


The councillor responsible is Councillor Ken Green, along with a group of local volunteers who assist in keeping the paths in good order, and to liaise with the RoW officer from Central Beds Council, Michelle Flynn.

Present Committee

The committee currently comprises of Ken Green, assisted by Lyndie & Ian Lothian, Debbie Hampson, Paul Levy, Barbara Jackson, Daniel Osborn, Julia March, Darren Fletcher, and John & Janet Wojdyla. We are always keen to recruit so if you are interested please contact us.


How Many

There are 38 paths but only 1 bridleway in Chalgrave, although “the boundway” running from Lords hill to path 18 adjoins our parish.

How Long

Altogether there are some 24 miles of paths in our parish. I have counted here a couple of paths that are on our boundary and technically outside of the parish.

Maintenance of Paths

You can download a copy of our footpaths map. You can see from the acknowledgements that it was published in 1997 and followed three years during which virtually all the paths were brought up to a usable state. We are more than a decade on from when we started this improvement and during that time the paths have been regularly maintained by the footpaths committee and the County through the Parish Paths Partnership. If you are interested in helping please contact us.

Walk Them

Nature fights back very fast and although we can try to ensure stiles, gates, waymarkers etc are maintained the paths become overgrown very quickly if they are not walked. We try our best to keep them clear but the only good way is constant treading down of weeds through walking the paths.

Rogation Day Walk 2012
Rogation Day Walk 2012

Ways Through Fields and Crops

The local farmers and landowners have a responsibility to clear the way through crops and mark the way through ploughed fields and on the whole now carry out this work very promptly and very well.


Further Information

Please see the Footpath and Walks section of this website for more information on local paths and walks including the Chalgrave Heritage Trail and the Rogation Day walk.




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