Committees – Planning


The planning committee consists of two councillors, Peter Warburton and another to be appointed. They take responsibility for initial investigations of planning matters to make recommendations to the full council and undertake further deeper analysis if and when required.

Planning applications in Chalgrave Parish are decided by Central Bedfordshire Council(CBC) the Parish Council does play a part in the process as CBC sends a copy of any application together with all plans, drawings and other documents to the Parish Council who are able to submit any comments including whether they support or oppose the application.

Small, non contentious applications are decided by the Planning Committee. Any application likely to be contentious is discussed at the monthly Parish Council meeting and anyone wishing to express their views is welcome to attend. If the next Parish Council meeting falls after the closing date for responses an additional meeting may be called.

An application can only be opposed on grounds that fall within national, county & district planning policies which do not always coincide with the wants and needs of our small community. Once the decision has been made to support or oppose the application an appropriate response is sent, by the Parish Clerk to CBC. It is the responsibility of CBC to ensure that anyone affected by the application receive notification, immediate neighbours should receive letters and notices are posted outside the property.

Documentation regarding planning applications can be found on the CBC website, together with information, planning policies and proposed planning reforms.

More information can also be found in our guide about Local Planning Issues.




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