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Parish Boundary Map
Parish Boundary Map

This map shows the Parish of Chalgrave which comprises the villages of Tebworth, Wingfield, and the hamlet of Chalgrave. It occupies an area of some 927 hectares in South Bedfordshire. It previously included the part of Hockliffe to the north-east of Watling street but this was transferred to Hockliffe Parish in 1929 with an additional package of land transferred in 1985.


The Parish Council is a tier of local government elected approximately every four years. The Parish Council represent your views and can put pressure on, and influence decisions and at a local, County and national level. The position of councillor is voluntary and involves a considerable amount of time and work. As well as meeting every month, each councillor has a responsibility which will involve additional meetings, phone calls, writing letters and emails.


The precept is the annual amount you pay as part of your Council Tax towards the work of the Parish Council. Further details on the precept and budget can be found on the Financial Information page.

Parish Plan

Click here to view the Parish plan. This was produced in 2005 with input from all parishioners. This is a working document and this is the update status (March 2012).


You have a very active Parish Council. We are all involved in many activities, projects and committees – all of which are to benefit our community.

Parish Assembly

Parish Assembly meeting at Chalgrave Memorial Hall (2014)
Parish Assembly meeting at Chalgrave Memorial Hall (2014)



The Parish Assembly is an annual event to which all parishioners are invited. It is a pleasant social event with wine and a buffet. All parish organisations including the Parish Council are present and give a short account of what they have been doing over the past year. The date of the next Parish Assembly will be advertised on the parish noticeboards, the Chalgrave News, and on this website.

Parish Assembly meeting at Chalgrave
Memorial Hall (2018)

Chairmans Reports

Parish Assembly Chairman’s Report 2022/23

Parish Assembly Chairman’s Report 2018

Parish Assembly Chairman’s Report 2017

Parish Assembly Chairman’s Report 2016

Parish Assembly Chairman’s Report 2015

Parish Assembly Chairman’s Report 2014

Parish Assembly Chairman’s Report 2013

Parish Assembly Chairman’s Report 2012

Minutes of the meeting

Parish Assembly minutes April 2020

Parish Assembly minutes April 2019

Parish Assembly minutes April 2017

Parish Assembly minutes April 2016

Parish Assembly minutes May 2015


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