Tebworth Solar Farm public meeting March 7th 2024 – Invitation to attend

Dear neighbour,

We have started to build Tebworth Solar Farm located on land adjacent to Tebworth, Leighton Buzzard, Central Bedfordshire, LU7 9QD. Construction commenced with Site Preparing & Groundworks in Q1 2024 in accordance with the planning consent. Primary construction is anticipated to be completed by late Q3 2024, with site restoration works being carried out in Q4 2024. Landscaping works shall be timed to align with the construction schedule and planting seasons.

ib vogt is facilitating the construction of the solar farm on behalf of Verdant Energy Ltd.

Once construction is complete, the solar farm will be connected into the local electricity network, with an output power capacity which will power the equivalent of 7,813 homes every year it is in operation. 6,867 tonnes of CO2 will be displaced and the site will have a 44.8% biodiversity increase.

We are looking forward to meeting residents at the Public Information Event. A brief construction update can be seen on the next page.

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  1. How will expired glass panels be recycled?

    What ‘pollinator friendly’ policies are being put in place?

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