Emergency Plan

Chalgrave Parish Council

Emergency Plan

  • The Chalgrave Emergency Plan is information about the resources and contacts within the Parish should there be an emergency. The Plan is for the Emergency Services to know what resources we have in the Parish and who to contact.  The Chalgrave Emergency Plan is not intended to be a substitute for these services.

  • If there is an emergency, the first point of contact is the Emergency Services. They will refer to our Emergency Plan and contact the Plan Co-ordinator and Response Team.

  • If there is a major Emergency it will be managed by the Police, Fire and Rescue Services, the Ambulance Service and Central Beds Council. Other authorities such as the Environment Agency might be involved. It will be for the Emergency Services and major authorities, not the Parish Council, to inform the Emergency Response Team and residents what to do and where to go in an emergency.

  • The Emergency Plan Response Team includes Paul Whitton, Barbara Jackson and Debbie Levy. The Plan Co-ordinator is Phil Parry.

  • If it is a local emergency within the Parish such as a prolonged power cut, disruption to water supply, severe storms, the impact of a pandemic, etc. there will be a need for the involvement of local people who are most likely to know who is at risk and/or in need.

  • During the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Response Team have been the contacts for help. They have checked on residents in the Parish, have done shopping for those who could not get out and collected medicines.

Emergency Contacts

Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Ambulance Services     999

Police – minor incident                                                        101

Environment Agency 24-hour Hotline                                  0800 80 70 60

Environment Agency general enquiries                               01733 371811

Central Beds. Council general enquiries                             0300 300 8300

                                      Out of hours emergency                0300 300 8049

                                      Highways                                       0800 074 0263 

Anglian Water Emergency                                                   0800 771881

National Grid                                                                        105

National Grid Emergency Line                                             0800 31 63 105

Parish Council Clerk, Lesley Smith                                      01525 874716

Local GP, Toddington Medical Centre                                  01525 872222

Luton and Dunstable Hospital                                              01582 491166


Defibrillator location –             Memorial Hall, Wingfield Road, Tebworth                                                                                  


If you need help or information during an emergency, contact the Emergency Plan Coordinator: Phil Parry – 07831 605600 or Barbara Jackson 07960 445492


A PDF copy of this plan is also available to be downloaded.