Parish Council

Parish Council

An Introduction to Parish Councils

For some background information on the roles and responsibilities of a Parish Council, Councillor, and Clerk, please see the introduction.


The Profile of the Chalgrave Parish Council can be found here. This also includes details of the parish plan, the parish assembly, and the annual chairmans report.


The Chalgrave Parish council is currently comprised of seven Councillors and a Parish Clerk.


Parish Council meetings are normally held in the Chalgrave Memorial Hall on the third Tuesday of each month, but are subject to change. Notice of the next meeting is always posted on Parish notice boards, 7 days prior to the meeting. The agenda for the next meeting, and minutes of previous meetings are published on this website and can be found here.

Accessibility Statement

Information about the Parish Council’s Accessibility Statement can be downloaded from this page.


Information about the Parish Council’s budgets, financial statements and the latest annual return can be downloaded from this page.


The Council has established a number of Committees; these are smaller groups of Councillors and volunteers that take on responsibilities delegated by the Parish Council. In some cases the Committees have delegated authority from the Parish Council to make decisions, set policy and agree strategy, in other cases the Committees have to refer matters back to the Parish Council for approval.

Chalgrave Community Emergency Plan

The Plan sets in place a framework of community response to any future emergency, identifying specific risks – including a pandemic – and challenges for our community and assigning specific responsibilities to individuals, should the need arise.

Elected Representatives at Different Levels of Government

As well as your local Parish representation, you are also represented at different levels of government by your Ward Councillor, MP, and MEP’s.

Ongoing Priority Matters

There are a number of ongoing current issues within the Parish that we are following with the relevant authorities as a matter or priority.

Useful Links

A collection of useful website links covering council and government contacts and information.

Online Polls

From time to time we may run an informal online poll to help us better understand the needs of the community. Current active polls, and results from previous poll can be found here.