Chalgrave News Issue 66 – Spring 2020

Issue 66, Spring 2020.


The latest issue of the Chalgrave News (Issue 66, Spring 2020) is now available to view here or browse past issues.

Hello to all of our dear fellow parishioners. Whilst we welcome in the Spring, life as we know it has changed for us all. What strange unprecedented times we live in!

The global pandemic of the Corona virus or Covid-19 has affected us all in so many ways. Some of us may have had symptoms or been hospitalised, others are vulnerable and needing support. Families have been thrown together to self isolate and home educate and all of us must social distance when in public. We hope and pray that this will be over soon. Thank you to the parish council for reaching out and offering their support .

During this difficult time we must not forget how amazing the NHS have been; out there in the front line, fighting this horrible disease and putting themselves at risk every single day. It has been so heart-warming seeing the public displays of gratitude to the NHS and all those key workers, in the public domain. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Stay well, stay safe and stay at home.


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