Chalgrave News Issue 76 – Autumn 2022

Issue 76, Autumn 2022

CLICK HERE to view the Autumn 2022 issue of the Chalgrave News (Issue 76). A back catalogue of previous Chalgrave news issues is also available to view.

Autumn has been very mild so far and we are delaying turning on the heaters for as long as possible. Prices of electricity, oil and gas have increased so much that it is very worrying for many of us. Hopefully we have some stability in the government now with the third Prime Minister in office this term. 


Following the sad news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 15 September many of us watched the State funeral and procession to Windsor. On page 18 Jane Spiers tells us about her journey to London and Westminster Hall to see her lying in State.


We were very pleased to receive a lovely thank you letter from Malcolm Baldwin’s daughter. It is two years since his death and she had come across the Chalgrave News on the website.


If you decide to follow Debbie Kidd’s brilliant ideas for de-cluttering your wardrobe we would love to hear how you got on. Please write us a quick paragraph. See page 44.


Congratulations to Jane Spiers who has won the Chalgrave News £50.00 prize for the best dressed Jubilee house. Well done Jane! 


Finally please send us some photos of your Christmas and we will publish as many as we can in the next edition, due to come to you in the New Year.


The Chalgrave News team


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