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Large Blog ImageThis community website has been created to provide the residents of Chalgrave Parish with valuable information on the work being carried out by their local Parish Council. It also provides our parishioners with a list of the public services and amenities available in the local area as well as local news, community events, sports and social clubs, and other meetings that may be of interest. The feedback we receive and results of the polls help us understand and better meet the needs of the community. We also hope this website will provide non-residents with a little insight into village life and the benefits of living in this vibrant and friendly parish. We aim to continuously improve our site, so if you can’t find the information you are looking for please let us know.

The Parish Council strive to play the vital role of representing your interests to maintain and improve the quality of life and the local environment of Chalgrave, Wingfield and Tebworth. We are an elected tier of local government and we can influence other decision makers at local and National level.

Chalgrave Parish is in the Parliamentary Constituency of South West Bedfordshire. Our MP is Andrew Selous. Chalgrave Parish is in the County of Bedfordshire and is served by the Central Bedfordshire unitary Council. From 1st April 2011 we are in the Ward of Heath and Reach. Our Ward Councillor is Mark Versallion.

There are 389 registered electors and 199 dwellings, 73% in Tebworth, 22% in Wingfield with the remaining 5% in Chalgrave and outlying areas.

The following web addresses can be used to access this website:

To contact either the Parish Council or the web development team, please us the Contact Us page.



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  1. The traffic through the village is out of control. Speed and volume has increased unchecked. I just hope the new A5-M1 link spurs the village and the PC into controls for both.

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