Chalgrave News Issue 67 – Summer 2020

Issue 67, Summer 2020.


The latest issue of the Chalgrave News (Issue 67, Summer 2020) is now available to view here or browse past issues.

A note from the editorial team:

According to Darwin, it’s not the strongest or the most intelligent of the species that survives, but the ones most adaptable to change and, it’s fair to say, we seem to have done a pretty good job of adapting to the changing Covid-19 landscape here in Tebworth and Wingfield.

Chalgrave Church is having regular online prayer meetings, the WI book group meets via Zoom and even the Parish Council have managed to get their heads around social media. Many of us are now on first name terms with the Amazon delivery guy, cupboards have been decluttered and the garden has never looked so good, so life in Lockdown has not been all bad news. The world has certainly had to slow down for a while and, when you go out for your daily health walk, neighbours have plenty of time to stop and chat. Turns out when there’s nowhere to go, there’s no rush to get there and some of us will not be first in the queue to jump back on the hamster wheel too soon !
Comfortingly, despite Corona, many things have actually stayed the same: we’ve still got pot holes and road works, there is still no dog poo fairy and we do get regular visits from our friendly local fly tippers for instance.

Meanwhile, over here at The Chalgrave News, we like to think of ourselves as an oasis of calm in a sea of Covid chaos and you will find all the regular features to inform and entertain you in this edition, like Aunt Agnes and Cider Lil. We’ve even written a piece about how we put the magazine together for you each quarter. So, chin up dear reader, shoulder to the wheel and, as Churchill said, ‘let’s keep buggering on.’ And the Queen’s Head and Plough are back open so that’s a sign that things are getting back to normal. Whatever ‘normal’ is ?


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