Chalgrave News Issue 68 – Autumn 2020

Issue 68, Autumn 2020.

The latest issue of the Chalgrave News (Issue 68, Autumn 2020) is now available to view here or browse past issues.

A note from the editorial team:

If 2020 was a novel it would be a compelling page turner, full of cliff-hangers, unexpected twists and unresolved issues. But as we all know, it’s real. All too real. We are living through times that will feature in history books in future. So much to concern us. Coronavirus has made us all contemplate our own circumstances in a way that most of us haven’t considered before. Brexit seems sometimes to have taken a back seat in the news but it is about to become a reality as the laws come into force in a few weeks time. The outcome of the American elections will affect the world and we are all bemused by the actions of Trump. You really couldn’t make it up.

On a lighter note we can be thankful that we are in a low covid area and to date we have not heard that anyone in the parish has suffered. We have seen some beautiful sunrises and sunsets this autumn and captured some photos of them for this magazine.

Solar “Farms” look likely to pop up all around us and change the look of the area. Check out the relevant websites provided for more information. We hope you enjoy this magazine and as usual we are very grateful to all our lovely contributors who make it so interesting. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas.


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